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The Lake District - Cumbria

Hello, we are Hazel and Zoe, also known as True Freedom Seekers. We are truly dedicated to climbing all 214 Wainwrights in the Lake District and then blogging about them to help you out in climbing them for yourself. So far we have managed just over 180 of the Fells and we aren't stopping there.

The Lake District is a magical place and we want to share with you why you should visit Cumbria. And if you've visited already, then we want to help you find new things to do. See below our helpful guide on things to do in the Lake District.

Cumbria doesn't offer just Wainwrights to climb, it offers an array of fun and wild things to do, as well as the more relaxed and family adventures too. Check out below to find out more.

The Lake District in all its beauty and the top reasons why you need to visit Cumbria

The Lake District is a stunning place in the UK and is the beating heart to Cumbria. For us it's always been a special place, whether to escape the normal everyday routine or to feel truly free (hence the name True Freedom Seekers). We always end up going back to where we like to call our second home. The Lake District offers amazing views all over Cumbria with the help of some rather stunning Wainwrights.

214 Wainwrights (fells)

In total there are of course 214 of these all impressive Wainwrights and they are yours for the bagging. Challenge yourself to do them in a year, or spend the rest of your days just ticking them off. Whichever way you want to do it then why not? We for two, love the challenge, and who doesn't like ticking things off? Why not try your hand at climbing the highest peak in England, Scafell Pike? Or fancy the smallest one which still packs a punch with views. Then try the family Fell of Castle Crag. There's something for everyone and anyone to climb.

Lakes in the Lake District to visit

But the Lake District offers more than just it's Wainwrights. No, the Lake District in Cumbria holds pure beauty. With its mesmerising Lakes to entice you in still. Windermere, a favourite for the tourists, taking people across the lake on their cruises. But don't just stay here. Have a wander and see the likes of Derwent Water, a personal favourite of ours. Or even Ennerdale which is much quieter. Either way, you'll love exploring the natural wonders. And just another reason why you should visit the Lake District.

Looking over Rydal Water and the lakeshore walk

Fun things to do in the Lake District

Yes, OK. I couldn't not mention the weather too. Hey, it's the Lake District, don't expect too much. Borrowdale being classed as one of the wettest places in England will have you checking you've packed your raincoat a couple of times. If the weather does turn particularly bad then don't sweat, well you won't be doing that. But seriously the Lake District offers a wide range of fun things to do, in any weather. Why not try your hand at a bit of Via Ferrata? Or if that's a bit scary for you then take some Alpacas for a walk instead. Fancy something merrier, I've got just the thing for you, The Lakes Distillery...with free samples.

Take some time out in the cute villages

You want more, I've got more. The Lake District in Cumbria has some of the cutest little villages that you just have to check out. Why not take a break from all that walking and take some time to relax in a quaint little coffee shop. Enjoying the views over one of the famous Lakes, or better yet, watch the other smiling hikers on the beginning, or end, of their next adventure. If that doesn't give you the buzz to get back out there than nothing will.

Village in the Lake District Cumbria
The walk we took up Blencathra in the Lake District

The fantastic Tarns you can visit too

But hold on a second, if that's not enough then I have more for you. The Lake District is a giver and boy does she keep giving. If that's not enough to float your boat then why not visit the many Tarns as well. These are bodies of water which are up in the Fells. To see them is a real treat and something to be admired. A tarn in the Lake District is always a good place for dinner. And even better yet, if it's warm then why not cool off and have a dip. The feet always need cooling down on hikes, right?

Looking for a challenging Ridge to climb?

OK, so if you're a fan of the Wainwrights but you want to add in a little adventure then these are for you. Some of them are pretty scary and others are straight forward. It's important to say that some of these ridges have caused injury to some visitors as well as the rare occasion of death. They should be taken respectfully and sensibly. Therefore, full preparation and planning must be taken into consideration. That being said, they are fun and of course wonderfully amazing when you can say you've completed them. Adrenaline rush here we come...

Views from Atkinson Pike
Waterfall in the Lake District

Visit some of the beautiful Waterfalls in the Lake District

Oh, the elegance of the waterfalls never ceases to amaze me. Even though I'm not particularly a huge fan of them, when I see them I can always appreciate the beauty that they hold. And if you are a waterfall person then you're in luck once more. The Lake District in Cumbria offers a huge range of waterfalls. Some you can access easily, and some you will have to wander to find. Aira Force being one of the most popular near Ullswater is a good place to start. Check them out, the kids love them and so will you. Just another perfect reason to visit the Lake District.

Top Wainwrights in the Lake District

Path up to Skiddaw the Wainwright in the Lake District


Find out more about the Wainwright Skiddaw. This amazing mountain in the Lake District has many different ways you can climb up it and get some stunning views overlooking Keswick and the Borrowdale Valley.


Striding Edge from the top of Helvellyn in the Lake District Cumbria


Find out more about Helvellyn. One of the top Wainwrights in Cumbria and for good reason. With 360 degree views over the Lake District, it is well worth the extra work to get to the top of this one. Get those boot laces tied.


View from the highest point in England, Hazel and Zoe's birthday walk up Scafell Pike

Scafell Pike

Find more information on the highest Wainwright in the Lake District. Also known as the top of England. We go into depth about routes, camping, parking and much more. 

Scafell Pike - The top of England

Check out our amazing top 3 Wainwrights and the reasons why you'll love them. You'll be picking those boots back up before you've even finished reading. We offer a huge amount of information with regards to different routes, views and the much questioned, where to park situation. We've got it all. There are also links to the blogs so you can read up on our experience and see us enjoying ourselves. Apologies for any dodgy photos already.

Our gallery of where we've been in the Lake District

All in all, you'll have an absolute blast. Let us help you to find what you want to do and the easiest way to do it. Check out our many pages with loads of information and guides to help with, quite literally, every step of the way. And if you fancy just browsing through some photos to get a feel for the Lake District, then guess what, we've got that covered too. Check out our gallery of the Lake District in Cumbria for some full-on views.

On our walk to what we can see is Helm Crag, the final Wainwright of the day, with Grasmere below

Helm Crag walk including Steel Fell, Calf Crag, and Gibson Knott from Grasmere

By Hazel and Zoe | January 11, 2021

So today would be the walk up Helm Crag. The starting point would be the gorgeous village of Grasmere and from there we’ll head up into the Fells. First being that of Steel Fell, then onto Calf Crag, moving towards Gibson Knott, finishing with the fascinating Lion and Lamb. Also …

Helm Crag walk including Steel Fell, Calf Crag, and Gibson Knott from Grasmere Read More »

Walla Crag in the Lake District, one of 214 Wainwrights

Walla Crag walk and Bleaberry Fell from Ashness Bridge

By Hazel and Zoe | January 4, 2021

Walla Crag is a fantastic walk with some amazing views overlooking Derwent Water as well as the stunning Catbells, Skiddaw, and the beautiful town of Keswick. Walla Crag standing at 379m isn’t one of the highest Wainwright’s but it is another one to tick off. This walk up to Walla …

Walla Crag walk and Bleaberry Fell from Ashness Bridge Read More »

Latrigg summit in the Lake District in Cumbria

Latrigg walk from Keswick

By Hazel and Zoe | December 29, 2020

So Latrigg is another epic little Wainwright to walk in the Lake District. Perhaps one of the most popular with it being so close to the nearby town of Keswick. And for its close proximity to the grand Skiddaw too. Our walk up to Latrigg was misty and damp but …

Latrigg walk from Keswick Read More »

Innominate Tarn on the top of Haystacks, one of thee 214 Wainwrights in the Lake District

Haystacks walk and Fleethwith Pike from Gatesgarth

By Hazel and Zoe | December 18, 2020

This stunning walk to the Wainwright of Haystacks would be one to remember. Not only does it include Fleetwith Pike which for me holds some of the best views in the Lake District. But it is also the place where Alfred Wainwright’s ashes were scattered at Innominate Tarn. The inspiration …

Haystacks walk and Fleethwith Pike from Gatesgarth Read More »

Loweswater Feature image

Loweswater circular walk including Holme Force

By Hazel and Zoe | December 13, 2020

Loweswater for us is a place of pure beauty. Firstly it has amazing routes around, both low and high level walks. Secondly, for the surrounding Wainwrights that are easily accessible from Loweswater. And thirdly, for its pure beauty. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the bigger …

Loweswater circular walk including Holme Force Read More »

Feature image for Castle Crag walk from Grange

Castle Crag walk from Grange including Millican Dalton’s Cave

By Hazel and Zoe | December 11, 2020

On an extremely mild day, we started our walk up Castle Crag from Grange. At just under 300m/1000ft it is the smallest Wainwright to be included on the list, but don’t let that make you think it’s not to be taken seriously. Because Castle Crag Fell has some of the …

Castle Crag walk from Grange including Millican Dalton’s Cave Read More »

PDF for ticking the Wainwrights - Free

The list of all the Wainwrights in the Lake District to tick offFill out your details below and we will send over your very own PDF copy of all the Wainwright's so you can tick them off one by one. There is even room for you to put the date you conquered them as well!
And even better than that, we have done 3 separate PDF's so you can pick your favourite. Whether you like ticking them off Alphabetically, Height Order, or by Region.

All photos throughout our Lake District blogs and Wainwright gallery are ours that we have taken. 

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Zoe ready to go down on a go cart in Switzerland
True Freedom Seekers
Thank you for taking the time to read our page. We hope you have enjoyed the information which we have for you. Please feel free to reach out to us about anything regarding the Lake District. Or leave a comment below. Happy Wainwright bagging.

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