So we are True Freedom Seekers, also known as Hazel and Zoe, and we are keen hikers, climbers, and general outdoorers in all shapes and forms. Especially in the Lake District and National Parks. And can I just say it's a pleasure to have you here?

We're 29 years of age and live in the fantastic county of Lincolnshire.

We have wonderful parents that have always supported our dreams and we also have a beautiful kitty cat called Suki (Suzi, Princess, Susie, Little Devil, Knuckle Head anyway you get the picture haha) I know, she's gorgeous right?

True Freedom Seekers, lovers of the great ourdoors

So that's us, we love all things outdoors and that mainly includes climbing and hiking whenever possible! We have spent many good hours up on the top of the Wainwrights just staring at the pure beauty of the Fells around.

As well as that, we've lost ourselves in different countries and different experiences and made our life so far very exciting.

We try and get out for a walk most days if we can, rain or shine! As Alfred Wainwright once said...

"There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing."


There is simply nothing better than feeling the wind in your hair and the freshness on your skin. The air is fresher outdoors and you just feel more alive. It's addictive and if you're reading this then you probably understand what I'm talking about.

Hazel and Zoe's achievements

We have climbed 185 of the Wainwrights.

And we have trodden our feet on some of the other big mountains including Snowdon, Pen Y Fan, Kinder Scout, Whernside, and Pen Y Ghent.

We are huge adventurers and have also travelled to Countries including Switzerland, Norway, and Iceland.

On top of all of this, we have also jumped out of a plane (so scary) strapped to some handsome man, taken part in ghyll scrambling, and fought of our nerves in a Via Ferrata.

To top the experience of life right now, the best thing has got to be spending 6 months in the Lake District doing what we love.

Spot the difference between Hazel and Zoe

OK well firstly if you haven't already noticed we are in-fact twins.

I popped out first (Hazel) after being squashed for 9 months and then out popped the beautiful Zoe 9 minutes later. Bonus points if anyone can tell us apart.

We are without a doubt the best of friends and will encourage each other through anything and everything (laughing perhaps first before picking up). All the time!

We are strong believers that life is there to be lived to its fullest and that's what we plan to do. We have far too many (never too many) dreams and adventures that we want to go on and I know we will achieve all of what we ask for.

Fun fact about Hazel – I talk way too much (sing if I can get away with it)

Fun fact about Zoe – She's obsessed with lists

I, Hazel, am also the designated driver on all occasions wherever we go. And Zoe is the designated map reader and directioner. Together we make a pretty awesome pair if I do say so myself. And I'm really proud of us.

Becoming True Freedom Seekers

So this is why we joined forces to get our stories out there for the world to see and hopefully help you on your journeys too.

We wanted to create something special here and unique, as well as something authentic for us too. What you see is indeed what you get with us.

We have created this Lake District blog so that we can travel full time whenever and wherever we want to and we want to be an inspiration for others. So that they know that if they have a passion in life and want to do it full time, then they have the belief that they can do it too.

If you have that belief then feel free to join the program we did that got us up and running. Check out the link below.

Would you quit your job for a full time career in travelling?

Want to join the world of online marketing and start travelling while making money to pay for every step like us?

Look no further.

Take a look here and start planning the next 10 years of your life, not just your next holiday.

Zoe ready to go down on a go cart in Switzerland

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