Bakestall and your need to know guide on the Wainwright


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Northern Lakes

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OL map 5

Bakestall is 673m high or 2208ft tall. 

This Wainwright is located in the northern Fells of the Lake District.

You can head up to Bakestall by following the Cumbrian Way for much of the hike from the road to Skiddaw House. 

You will need Explorer map OL5.

Bakestall is located at the back if the Skiddaw Range of Fells. So those Wainwrights closest are Skiddaw, Skiddaw Little Man, Ullock Pike, Carl Side, and Long Side. 

At the top of Bakestall is a small Cairn and lovely views across the north of the Lake District. 

Where is Bakestall located in the Lake District?

Bakestall is located in the north part of the Lake District. It is surrounded by many more Wainwrights making it the perfect quick walk, or the bigger challenging day. not to mention it is also a quieter area in the Lakes.

This Wainwright is in the slightly quieter area also known as the 'Back O'Skddaw'. Which is because it is quite literally off the back end of Skiddaw. That being one of the giants of the mountains in the Lake District. And quite a sight might I add too?

So how hard is the Fell to climb and which routes can you take?

There are of course multiple ways up this Wainwright and rightly so. Even though it is one that if you looked at a map you wouldn't really notice. It still has some lovely features.

Firstly you can take the ascent from the road to Skiddaw House. This will take you onto the Cumbrian way. And then from there, you can head up Birkett Edge towards the summit of Bakestall.

Secondly, you do a round route. This actually starts at Underscar Car Park on Gale Road. It then heads up towards Lonscale, then Little Man of Skiddaw, onwards towards Skiddaw and then down to Bakestall. Making a circular route coming back down Birkett Edge towards Skiddaw House. And then back to the car park.

Another round route, the one we did is that including 5 Wainwrights. We started at Orthwaite Road and headed in the direction of Ullock Pike, Long Side, and Carl Side. And then up to Skiddaw, on our way to Bakestall. This was a spectacular day and one that we thoroughly enjoyed. Watch this space for the blog on our day up to the five Wainwrights.

How long does it take to climb Bakestall?

It can take you anywhere from a couple of hours to a good half-day hike. This depends of course on the route that you take. If you are going straight up and then down Bakestall then an hour or so. However, if you're making a complete route of it including some other Wainwrights, then pack for a good days hike in the Lake District.

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Are the paths good climbing up Bakestall?

The paths are relatively from what I remember. Especially when you're walking on the Cumbrian Way. These paths are quite wide and well kept. Walking up and down Bakestall itself can get a touch boggy in some places as it is quite grassy. But the routes and paths up are well defined.

Best parking to start your route

As I have mentioned previously you can park in a couple of different places, again depending on the route you want to take. These included the car park of Underscar on Gale Road, from the road near Skiddaw House, and at Orthwaite Road where there is a big lay-by. So you can in fact take your pick of which way you want to climb Bakestall.

What is at the summit of Bakestall?

The summit of Bakestall holds a small cairn. With views across the Lake District too.

From the summit of Bakestall in the Lake District

What are the views from the top?

The views from the top of Bakestall can be beautiful on a clear day. You can see the Wainwrights of Great Cockup, Little Sca Fell, Knott, and towards Great Calva. Moving east you can also see Bannerdale Crags. And south-east the sight of Blencathra, as well as Great Dodd, Raise and then Skiddaw and Skiddaw Little Man to the south. Looking north-east will be the little Fell of Binsey.

Of course, this is if you can walk up Bakestall on a clear day, which in the Lake District can be very hit and miss. Amazingly, we were lucky enough to walk Bakestall on a clear gorgeous day. Moreover, we did get the views as well on our hike. It was fantastic.

Which OS map do you need to climb Bakestall?

The OL map that you'll need to climb Bakestall is OL5, northern Lake District. Remember to check out the other walks and routes to bag more than just Bakestall on your Wainwright list.

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