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Northern Lakes

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OL map 4

Brae Fell is 586m high or 1923ft tall. 

This Wainwright is located in the northern Fells of the Lake District.

You can head up to Brae Fell by starting at Greenhead and then head up the old Longland Road. This then follows the Fellside up to the top of Brae Fell. 

You will need Explorer map OL4.

Brae Fell has a few close by Wainwrights that can be climbed at the same time as this one. Those include Longlands Fell, Great Cockup, and Meal Fell too. 

At the top of Brae Fell is a small Cairn and lovely views across the north of the Lake District. 

Where is Brae Fell located in the Lake District?

Located in the northern side of the Lake District Brae Fell is the perfect Wainwright to bag more than one in one day. How does 5 sound? With it being around multiple Wainwrights it's a great opportunity to get packed up for the day and bag a handful of Wainwrights.

We walked to the top of Brae Fell along with the other fells but of course, you can still climb it individually too. I do think when you do them individually you get more of a feel for that Wainwright than you do when you keep going from one to another.

So how hard is the Fell to climb and which routes can you take?

Starting at Over Water car park (where we did for Binsey) we went past Orthwaite Hall and then onto the Fells. Bagging Great Cockup first, then on to Meal Fell, Great Sca Fell and then to Brae Fell. From Brae Fell, we then finished on Longlands Fell, the final Wainwright of the day. Before heading back down to Over Water. That is of course a big day.

To do it on its own you can head up from two different routes as well. Firstly from Greenhead heading up the old Longlands Road, then heading up to Brae Fell. Secondly from Fell Side via the south side of Rampsgill.

You can also walk up Brae Fell from Longlands too. This can take in both Brae Fell and Longlands Fell too. 2 Wainwrights for the day.

How long does it take to climb Brae Fell?

The climb itself can take anywhere between a couple of hours, going up to 5.5 hours for the longer route. We will be blogging about our route up Brae Fell so watch this space for more details to arrive.

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Read our walk up Loughrigg Fell and see the beautiful Grasmere and Rydal Water. Not to mention Rydal Caves.

Are the paths good climbing up Brae Fell?

The paths from Fell Side can be a little touch and go, especially crossing Dale Beck. It is advised that you can walk a little further up and then cross over instead. As for the route we took around the 5 Wainwrights it was absolutely fine. It is a very grassy area so I can guess in the rainy season then there could be quite a big of bog around. I know on one particular section there was for us but that was it. We did, however, climb the Wainwrights on a very sunny day.

In cloudy conditions, I would think it'd be perhaps disorientating if it was low cloud, as the paths can turn quite faint, even though they are good and well-trodden. Of course, careful planning and checking of the weather should be looked at before you start your journey up Brae Fell.

Best parking to start your route

At Longlands, there is parking, however, be warned it is just for a handful of cars. So again on the busier sunnier days, it's probably best to get there early.

Parking at Fell Side Farm, again there is a limited amount of parking on the side of the road. And the same can be said for where we started our walk at Over Water. It says it's a car park but it is more like a big lay by. Again bear this in mind when you travel down.

What is at the summit of Brae Fell?

Brae Fell is a big grassy mound and luckily there is a cairn there to mark the summit. If it was not for the cairn then one would perhaps walk over Brae Fell without noticing its summit. There isn't much else at the top to signify this Wainwright apart from the said cairn.

The only thing better is the views!

Brae Fell in the Lake District taken by True Freedom Seekers. A Wainwright

What are the views from the top?

Here you can see to the north the Scottish Lowlands. For such a pleasant walk the views definitely make up for it. You can also see across to the Cumberland Coast near Workington, as well as the Pennines.

East is High Pike, and Bowscale Fell to the south-east. South you can see the Wainwrights of Little Sca Fell, Skiddaw Little Man, and Skiddaw. Moving south-west you can view Ullock Pike, Grisdale Pike, and Lords Seat to name but a few. And to the west, you can see Binsey. For this Wainwright of Brae Fell in the Lake District, the views certainly are incredible.

From Brae Fell you'll also bee able to see Over Water, which is nice if this is where you started your walk. And Bassenthwaite Lake to the south-west.

Which OS map do you need to climb Brae Fell?

OL 4 will be the map to point you in the right direction for this Wainwright.

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