Can you actually affiliate market to any country?

Whole world in your hands

Are you are new to affiliate marketing and wondering how big an audience you can reach? The answer is you can affiliate market to any Country in the world if you want to. And let’s be honest, why wouldn’t you. So let’s see how you can go about doing this. And how being online is the perfect golden opportunity to get there.

You’re online so the whole world has access to you

When you start up an online affiliate marketing business you are quite honestly putting yourself in front of a global audience. It may not feel like it at the time. Especially if you’re sat in a small village on the edge of the UK coastline (like I am). But once you start to build your website people from every corner of the globe can find you if they know you exist.

Which to begin with they won’t. It’s no hidden secret that the new website that you’re building to affiliate market from is invisible to everyone. Except you in the beginning. The best metaphor to describe this is similar to building a multi-story car park in the middle of the desert. You know it’s there but unless you build the roads and highways to get other people to come. Then you’re alone in that desert.

“A new business online is like building a multi-story car park in the middle of the desert. You need to network the roads and highways to it to get people to visit.”


This is the same when you start a new business online. But it’s why building your website and getting yourself out there for the world to see is so important. This comes down to traffic amongst many other areas you can work with to improve your visibility.

But right now it’s key to know that you can very easily get people from anywhere in the world to your website. And therefore to your business with just a little know-how along the way.

Gone are the days where you live and do business in the same place. You might have an interest in something that isn’t promoted well in your local area. This doesn’t mean you can’t make a business out of it. Simply market to an audience that is where you need to be. You can grow an online affiliate market business to any country in anything that you want.

There are 7.6 billion people in the world who you can tap into, the world literally is in your hands.

Social media

Whether you love it or you hate it. Social media is massive and it’s here to stay for the long haul. And better than that it’s very much a huge way in which you can spread the word about who you are to the world. As an affiliate marketer starting out. You need to make as many connections as possible to start to get traction to your business.

Posting on social media and speaking with like-minded people is a great way of doing this. You can reach out to others in your desired niche to get advice, comments, and views to your website.

social media through mobile app is a great way to market to any country as an affiliate marketer

Speaking to experts through social media can also help. Their connections can very much become your connections if you create a good rapport with them. For example between myself and my sister, we blog every other day to you, our audience. But we have been speaking with other experts through social media and therefore been creating new opportunities for ourselves.

We are now writing a guest post for one affiliate marketer in particular. This is because he has seen our website and is impressed with what we are doing. Therefore, we’ve now got a new contact who we can reach out for advice from. But he is also now helping us to grow our business to.

You see when we write a guest blog for him it will link back to our website. Therefore bring with it new traffic as well. Included with a vital back-link which I will go into more detail within future blogs, we’re very much helping each other. Through both of our business journeys.

So yes you can reach the global market. And this is one of the best ways of doing so through social media. And connecting with those like-minded people like you. You don’t have to spend your whole life on social media, (we certainly don’t have the time for that) but a few minutes a day really can pay off in the long run.

Ads, ads, and more ads

So this really does open up your chance to reach anywhere in the world that you would like. Through social media and search engine advertising, you can target exactly who you want to see the ad that you are creating.

This is the beauty of advertising and marketing in the digital world. You have the chance to tell the platform that you are working on to target specific categories. This includes their geographical area. So if your business that you want to affiliate in surrounds a hobby that is particularly known in America such as American football then you can target this country above any other. So yes, you can market to any country you wish as an affiliate marketer.

In addition to this, those countries that you don’t include will simply be excluded from your target search and therefore you know that the money that you’re putting into the ad won’t be wasted unnecessarily. This is such a good bonus of online advertising and can really get you out there to where you want to be at.

The more you grow the more your global audience will to


When you start you might feel as though you really are out of your league in attracting the right audience to your website (if at all any). But as search engines start to index your website, you’ll start to rank on them and therefore more organic visitors will begin to notice you as well.

For example, we’ve had visitors come to our website in the first few months from Pakistan, Spain, America, and Canada. Now we didn’t target Pakistan or Spain in any of our ads along the way but this shows that our website can still be reached by these countries.

So as long as you keep putting out good content (check out our blog regarding content), and grow your business the right way. You will gain more and more global traffic. And in turn, you can promote, give guidance, and sell anywhere in the world from your home wherever that might be.

To conclude

One of the biggest bonuses of having an online affiliate marketing business is that you can market to any country that you want. On top of this. You will make sales to countries that you might not have even thought about targeting because they will find you naturally.

But what is important to any new affiliate is that you actively go out there to find the audience. There is no point sat behind your laptop creating content that no one will see. You need to get yourself out there and find people who want to hear what you have to say.

There is a reason 95% of new affiliate marketers fail, so don’t be one of them. Treat this new business venture like a business. You wouldn’t open a new shop on the high street and just sit inside all day waiting for someone to come in. You would make flyers, business cards and hand them out. Even promote an offer through your website to get people through the door as it were.

Being online is different in so many ways. But there are still the same fundamentals to grow your business like any other business out there. Without the people engaging and buying, you won’t have a business.

So yes you can affiliate market to any country. And we’d recommend that you do. Reach your audience wherever they are and you’ll be on the high way to success. And you’ll soon start to see that your car park in the middle of that desert will over time start to fill up more and more.

If you’re a new affiliate like us, then the information could really change and help your business to grow. And we’d love to help you along the way.

Hazel and Zoe True Freedom Seekers

We hope you find our walks and adventures in the Lake District helpful. And we wish you much fun and success on bagging the Wainwrights yourself. If you want to share any stories with us all then please feel free too. Have a super day!
Hazel and Zoe
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