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Do you ever start writing a blog, or creating some content for your affiliate marketing strategy, and then pause when you need photos. Well here’s the low down on our top 9 free stock images sites for affiliate marketing. So if you want to save yourself some money and get the best images possible then take a closer look to see which you might be missing out on.

What is a stock image for creating content in affiliate marketing?

A stock image is a photo or image that you can insert into part of your content. This makes your content more interesting and generally, visitors who are reading that content will stay longer to read more. This is because we all as humans like to see a mix of what content we are being shown.

If you created an ad for a landing page and only had text throughout that piece of content then it generally won’t be as appealing to the majority of people who land on that page. This is the same if you go onto someone else’s blog and you get a whole list of written information but nothing to break that writing up.

Taking your own free stock photos for affiliate marketing. Travel niche

Soon you get bored of just reading and therefore switch off and exit the website to find something else. This is why colors and a mix of content is vital to communicate your information and value over to that visitor.

Now you can create the stock images yourself by taking the photos from your own phone or camera. Then uploading them onto your device. You can use them then throughout your website, social media, ads, and landing pages. This is something that works for some people.

But for those who like to have a mix of free images throughout their affiliate marketing content, the other option is stock photo sites. They really are great to help increase your overall content which you can read more about the importance of that here.

What is a stock image site?

These are websites that have thousands and thousands of images on their site ready for you to download at the click of a mouse. You can then use them wherever you choose to do so as long as you read and follow their legal terms regarding this.

But overall, the stock photo sites let you use them for all the needs that you would have for affiliate marketing. Each one is worth checking in detail. But from when this is written there doesn’t appear to be any rules stopping the use of the images being used in general content for website etc.

There are websites out there that offer this service for free. And there are other sites out there that charge a price for downloading the images which they have. Now I’m not going to tell you that one is better than the other. If you have money to put into images. And are keen to find the absolute perfect image for each piece of content you are matching it with, then paid might be an option for you.


But if we take Shutterstock as an example. They give you your first ten images for free within the first month of signing up. This is initially great and also a good way to get you into their funnel. Then once that month is up, you can start a price plan for anywhere from around $30.00 a month up to around $175.00 depending on the number of images you wish to download throughout that monthly period.

For $30.00 you would be able to download 10 stock images during that month. Now I don’t know about you and how much you use images throughout your content. But for me, I can get through more than that in two blog posts alone. So that subscription would be out of the window for me.

Again this isn’t to say it isn’t good for everyone but personally I like to get stock images for free where I can.

Why choose free stock images for affiliate marketing?

So why choose free stock images for your affiliate marketing business? Well to start with because they are free. Who doesn’t like to get something for nothing? If you’re like me, then why pay when you can get something similar for a fraction of the price or for no price at all.

But also there is such a variety of free stock images that you’d be crazy to not take a look for yourself. And with regards to the quality of images each site has. This will depend from site to site.

But check out each one and see if it could work for your niche. And bookmark the page if you want to. So then anytime you are at a dead-end for images, you can check out the top 9 of ours again for some inspiration.

The added bonus to getting your stock image downloads for free is the very positive fact that you can download as many as you want. So there’s no looking at an image and wondering if it will work with your content before you buy it. No, you can download it and try it out. And if it is no good, then go back and download some more to check those out too.

You can’t do this with paid sites, as you’d soon be through your monthly allowance. So let’s take a closer look at the top 9 and get this show on the road.


This was one of the first free sites that we were told about when we started affiliate marketing. They have over a million high-resolution free stock images ready for you to have a look at and use at your disposal. On top of this, they are adding new photos onto their website from 200,000 curators each week to make sure they have the latest images just for you.

Unsplash, free stock images for affiliate marketing

The site has recently passed the one billion downloads mark which just shows how this website helps a vast amount of people all over the world. They are popular and with good reason.

Unsplash has topics in which you can choose between or simply enter what it is you are after in the search bar. Then they will filter out the photos that they think will work best for you. We can’t recommend them highly enough. There is always something on Unsplash that is worth checking out for your content.

Morguefile, just one of the free affiliate marketing images site

So what a name to call a site, to begin with. I did do a double-take when I started researching free stock images a while back when I first needed photos. But the name actually originates from a place where you can store post-production material, in the case of photos. So it’s rather fitting for the purpose in which the site serves.

A little smaller than some of their competition with just over 400,000 stock images on their site. And some of the quality might not be as good as other sites either. But they do like to help their audience out. And they do this by allowing you to make your own photo request.

So if you can’t find exactly what it is that you’re after. Then drop Morguefile a message via their link to make a stock photo request. And then they will do the hard work for you. They do this by getting in touch with their creators to go on a challenge in the world around them to source that image for you.

I mean if that isn’t trying to look after it’s users then I don’t know what is. Plus, when they get back to you, not only can you use those stock photo’s but they will be uploaded onto the site. So that everyone can see the new images to. So you could potentially be helping out someone else with the same problem as you.

Pretty ingenious.


They aren’t the biggest website going but they do add new images regularly with a total image count of just over 134,000. Their category list is amazing too. So if there is something you’re after but not quite sure about where to start. Check out their category list and it will give you so much inspiration.

Stockvault also has free backgrounds and textures which you can download. What I love about them is that they aren’t trying to compete with the big boys in free stock images. But focus on high-resolution photos and keep them growing every week.

They target anyone and were formed to help people out there get free stock images for their personal and non-commercial use. This being said, they really are worth taking a look at to see if they can meet your needs too.


Now Pexels has something that other free stock image sites can’t compete with. And that’s the fact that they have free stock videos for you to download too. Yes, you read that right. And this is one huge benefit if you’re looking to add even more extras into your content to outdo your competition.

It’s one reason why Pexels is so popular with many people including bloggers. They have a high-resolution quality and are always updating what they do have on their site.

You can also create multiple collections on Pexels. This means that if you’re downloading images for a certain blog topic. You can group them all together in one collection folder as such. Then when you want an image on that topic, you know where to look. It’s a great way of organizing the images that you have.

So Pexels is a great free stock image site for affiliate marketing. There’s so much to help you through the website. So take a look for yourself.

Picjumbo is a free affiliate marketing images site

They have an abundance of images on their site for you to download free for affiliate marketing purposes. Whether this is on your website, blogs, etc.

Picjumbo do have the added extra of becoming a premium member where you can get access to 8000+ exclusive images through them. As well as this you can choose your own plan to make it more designed around to and prices start from just $9.99 a month.

This isn’t something that I have done. I have found everything I need image-wise throughout these sites combined. But if you liked Picjumbo and wanted to become a premium member then the option is there for you.

However, their free stock photos are really high quality, and if you find an image that you like. They very often have a ‘more images like this’ attached to that one image. So you can go through this link to find more of the same which really can suit exactly what it is you’re after.


Another larger site with over 1 million free stock images for you to use while affiliate marketing. They have high-resolution photos that are perfect and again plenty of choice in each category.

They have an outstanding bonus again which I must mention. If you’re anything like my sister, she edits photos like it was going out of fashion. And if you’re the same then behold, design wizard. They give you the option to sign up for free so that you can edit photo’s through their site.

With Pikwizard You can personalize them or add your own extras including text to really set them apart from the crowd. This service is free but again you have the option to upgrade if you wanted to. There are always options out there for what is right for you.


They have over 1.8 million stock photos to choose from again. And again they are completely free. And just like Pexels, they have a few hidden extras that you might want to benefit from too.

Pixabay is a free stock images website for affiliate marketing.

Pixabay has free vector images for you to download and on top of this, they also have free music downloads. Now, I’m not saying that they will be to your taste, but should you want to add some music to your website or indeed blogs. Then you have much had the opportunity to do so.

On top of this, they can be seen to be targeted towards the business and marketing niches through their images. And this makes them a hot spot for affiliate marketers and alike on the internet. They might well have something that no other free site has when it comes to certain marketing images you may want.

Reshot is another free affiliate marketing images site

As their site says they have tonnes of free stock images for you to download as you wish. What I really like about Reshot is that they have packs that you can download as well.

This can save so much time going through individual photos. For example, they have an ‘everyday technology’ pack, and in it are 20 free images which Reshot has put together into their own collection for the likes of you. You do have to ‘Tweet’ to unlock the pack but if it’s something you can put use to, then its a winner from me.


Now, these are well worth a mention. They have a large range of diverse stock images and they allow you to download 10 free images a day. But if you want to download more than that you can go onto one of their pricing plans. And this is something I would look into. From $3 a month for personal use, you can have unlimited stock images from them.

And to be fair compared to paying out some of the subscription prices from the likes of Shuttershock, it would be worth it if you liked the style which they have for you.

And so there’s the end from Rawpixel of my top 9 free stock images sites for helping your affiliate marketing business grow. Having the right stock images is essential to help engage with your readers. And so if you can get them for free this is a true bonus.

To conclude why you need free stock images for your affiliate marketing business

You can pay for images or you can get them free. Now starting out any business can be challenging and you might find you have funds leaving your account all over the place.

This might be down to training, subscriptions of your own, apps to help you out, plug-ins on your website, etc. And so if you can get high-quality resolution images for free then I would say go all in.

There isn’t much out there for free but if you do a little digging you might be surprised what you can find.

And I’m always on a mission to find a bargain amongst the premium plans out there.

If you can get the same quality for free then it’s a no brainer for me. Is it for you? Let me know by leaving your comments below.

I hope this has been of some help to you and you have a lifetime supply of free stock photos from now on. Check out our other blogs below via the link here.

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