Time management in affiliate marketing, what you need to know

You may be thinking, yeh yeh time management isn’t that important in affiliate marketing. Well, here I am to show you otherwise. By the end of this blog, you’ll have a full understanding of just why you should be looking into your day and planning exactly what it is you want to achieve. After all, if you’re not planning it then how do you know your goals? Let’s jump right in…

What is time management?

So what is time management then? Time management is where you manage your time. Yes, I know that seems a little bit of common sense but it really is. But the main thing is why aren’t people doing it if it’s that simple? How are you managing your time to get the best results today?

Time management is a conscious effort to plan your day, week, and month ahead. You’re saying I have this much time and today I want to achieve this. You can then work out how you are going to achieve it and therefore get a plan of action together. This will increase your chances of getting that task done tenfold.

It makes you simply focus on the task at hand instead of being in the ‘grey zone‘ which I speak so much about. Apologies for repeating myself but the grey zone is the most unproductive way to work.

Have you ever felt like this?

Ever wondered if you are in fact good at time management or not? Well, let’s take a look and see if you regularly feel any of these. The biggest signs of poor time management are feeling a loss of control, loss of time, stress, poor quality of work, and poor work-flow.

Loss of control:

When you feel like whatever you do it is making no or little progress in your day. And the feeling that you don’t know what to do next. – This has to be one of the worst feelings. You know you perhaps have a lot to do but however much you try you just aren’t getting any closer to where you want to be. We’ve all been there. Got that badge a hundred times over. But don’t worry. I’m going to show you how to stop feeling like this.

Loss of time:

Where did the time go? The sense of panic rising when you realize you are nowhere near finished when you check the time. Again in the pit of your stomach, you now feel uneasy which leads to the next one perfectly.


Hey, I’m not going to lie and tell you you’ll never feel stressed again once you learn the benefits of time management but it will help reduce this significantly. We all feel stressed in our lives, and especially when we’re organizing a business and trying to grow it. And that’s fine, we just need to take a step back and get our priorities organized.

Poor quality of work:

So yay, you’ve gotten done what you wanted to but hang on, it’s poor when you look back at it. Maybe you’ve rushed because you know you needed to get it done but you’ve run out of time to actually do a good job at it. The downer on this is that the chances are you’re going to have to go back over it. Therefore losing even more precious time.

Poor work-flow:

So you know what you need to achieve. You know you’ve got a good time limit to get it done, but hang on. You just can’t into the work-flow of things. This is even worse as you aren’t going to be productive at all. The main reason, you’re distracted by something else.

1 million things you want to do

We’ve all been there. Woken up in the morning ready for the day ahead and then all of a sudden we feel like we’re being pulled from pillar to post. You want to learn more about leads, affiliate marketing in general, write a blog, you’ve got dinner with a friend to think about too, but what about the laundry as well, you need time management.

Where do you even start? OK, so we start having a look into a blog, writing up some facts and information that we’re looking into online. What’s that, a link to an ad that looks interesting and relevant for me? We click away, start reading the about it and realize that actually, I could be doing that.

Side-tracked – I’ve just wasted a day and I haven’t done anything: Yep, we’ve all done it. Time ticks by and then we realize that we haven’t even finished the blog we started, let alone looked into this now new thing to do. The internet is full of distractions and when you start researching affiliate marketing, guess what? Google knows you are.

Therefore he’ll put whatever ad in-front of you that he thinks will help you. Aww, bless Google. Yes, he is trying to be helpful but this is the simplest way to lose focus. I have done it so many times that if I got paid for every different rabbit hole I went down I wouldn’t need to be an affiliate marketer.

It isn’t a bad thing that the big man Google is helping us out. We just have to try and stay focused on what it is we’re doing at hand. By all means, take note of it and then look later. After all, it could genuinely help your business. It has us so many times.

Why others seem to get more done than you?

Why is it that others seem to get more done than me? I find this when I work alongside my sister sometimes. I’m here scrolling through links and websites and all of a sudden I’ll lookup. She’s there pitter-pattering away on the laptop, fingers not coming up for air and I think to myself. Hazel, come on, focus!

You’ve probably experienced it in work before too, or even looking at how other affiliates are making money on ‘2 hours a day‘ and you’re spending every spare hour researching with no results. That’s OK. Firstly everyone’s journey is different from one another. And secondly, they’ve just found a different way to do it. They’ve most likely already worked out why it’s important in affiliate marketing to get time management correct.

Why time management is so important

Let’s take a look at why time management is so important in affiliate marketing. If you haven’t already realized, it will drastically change how much you can achieve in the day as well as the quality of your work. This from a business perspective will make an incredible difference.

So you have on your list that you want to research Facebook Advertising. And because it’s on a list you’re more likely to get it done. Mainly because it feels so good crossing things off your list (feel super productive!) but secondly because you know you want to get it done. It makes it a solid commitment instead of a thought pattern.

It improves self-discipline:

So it’ll make you committed to getting the jobs done. This will have a huge advantage in your life as well as your business career as you will stop procrastinating and just get it done. You’ll understand the importance of not thinking about it and taking action.

It improves the quality of your work:

You have the list. You know exactly what you want to get done. Therefore you will work towards it. Simply as. If I have a list and for instance, I want to write a blog on time management then I will make sure I get it done. Also because I’ve set time aside for it I know it’ll be a good blog. I’ll put the effort into it and it’ll be much higher quality than if I was rushing it.

It reduces stress:

Well of course it does, why? Because you’re not pulling your hair out thinking of those million things you want to do. No, instead you have what you want to do in front of you and you can methodically work through them. Adding things if and when required.

New opportunities:

If you’re better at time management then guess what? You’ll find you actually have more time on your hands. Therefore you might surprise yourself and get the jobs done quicker than you first anticipated so you’ve got some spare time to do what you like with. There’s no better feeling than finishing work early and knowing it was good quality.

It will help in your relationships too:

You’ll find the extra time for them. And even think about them more and prioritize spending, again I hate to say it, but quality time with them. You’ll value them more. It will amaze you but you’ll make that list and think about them too. They’ll be included on the list.

You’ll make quicker and better decisions:

No lie you will. Why? Because you’ll be confident of what you need to prioritize and therefore be confident in your decisions. Once you’ve done it a couple of times or so then you’ll be able to make decisions quicker too. You will be able to look at them in a new way and figure out the best way to resolve them.

And you’ll become obsessed with making lists.

You’ll be questioning why you’ve never done it before. Or maybe you’re like me and you have to write a list in the likely hood that you’ll forget it forever without. Honestly, there is no better feeling at the end of the day than looking at everything you have achieved, and more importantly, knowing that it’s what you wanted to do too.

Make lists – post its – memos – notes…

Do it, I dare you. Take a moment now to write down everything you need/want to do. This can include everything business-wise but also in general life bits too. Even if you want to catch up with someone and it’s been on your mind. Literally whatever is going on in your head write it down.

Look at it. Now everything you can’t do anything about or can’t control cross off. And actually cross through it. This will help the mind sub-consciously realize that you can’t do anything about it. Perfect, and now comes the best bit. Prioritizing.

Number them in the importance of 1. High priority, must get it done, all the way down to the last number of low importance, can wait some time, not even really thinking about it. Once this is done you have your list of exactly what you should be doing. Even if it isn’t affiliate marketing orientated, whatever is at the top of the list will be a distraction for the others. Do it.

Start working down from number 1. I’m not even saying you’ll get to the very last point on your list, life happens, it tends to throw new things into the mix which will need consideration too. Bare this in mind, and understand the importance to keep consulting the list.

…or use the Eisenhower matrix

This is something I have seen a bit of but am relatively new to. However, I want to include it because I think the principle behind it is ingenious and will probably help some of you out in making your lists. So here it goes. I have added a diagram to help out. The Eisenhower matrix makes you think about categories and which that task then fits into. Therefore deciding which tasks should inevitably be on the top of the list.

So you need to work out which category it fits in. (please see diagram)

  • Urgent and Important
  • Urgent but Not Important
  • Not Urgent but Important
  • Not Urgent and Not Important

You then use the diagram of what is where to work out your list. Which tasks really need doing in the next 48 hours? They’re the urgent ones. Then you can work out from those which are most important in that category. Then once you’ve worked them out again look at the non-important ones, which ones are more urgent.

Take this test that lets you know what kind of person you are when it comes to work and then get an effective plan that they advise for you! I apparently should take up the ‘The Pomodoro Technique’, which means I should think of tomatoes instead of hours. Set a 5-minute break every 25 minutes of work. I’m not going to lie, thinking of tomatoes is slightly weird (I don’t even like them that much, unless it’s the beef tomatoes, hmm). But the advice they give is actually spot on for me.

The advantages/benefits of time management in affiliate marketing

Are you ready then for the line up of benefits and tips! This will blow your mind and I can’t wait to start listing them. So without further ado, drum roll, please.

Time management tips in affiliate marketing

Set goals:

Do it. Every single day, whether you’re working on your business or not. Set those goals. You still wake up every day wanting to achieve something. If not then you should. Even simple things like drink so much water, eat healthier, go for a long walk. Set them. It can literally be anything you want to do.


OK, so you’re probably fed up with this word now, but it is so true. There is no point in doing something that isn’t important and leaving the important thing not done. I mean you’ll of course feel good about achieving something but it doesn’t mean that an urgent thing has disappeared, and then you’ll give yourself a reason that you now don’t have time to do it.

And then what? Well, you’ll still have to do it, but now it’s even more urgent than it was. Look things in life don’t just go away. If you need to do something, for example, email someone about your website because it’s playing up but you don’t know how to word it, then do it anyway. It needs sorting and they’re the professionals, they’ll understand you more than you know.

The more you procrastinate about something the more anxious you inevitably get about it. Face it head-on, especially the things that make you anxious. Take the bull by the horns. See it as an opportunity to learn and grow. It’s a good thing.

Set a time limit:

This isn’t to rush you. Or panic you into doing it. It’s simply to make you do it. How many times have you said ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ and then what happens tomorrow? Well of course we say the same thing. I’ll reason with you, we all do it but it is important to set a time limit.

Not only will you be chuffed to pieces at yourself for doing it but it’ll be one less thing you do. If you know it’s going to take a while, for example, learn how to blog, then give yourself some time to research it. It will be an ongoing process but break it down. I wanted to learn how to create a blog by Friday. I want to be able to understand SEOs by the weekend.

Take breaks:

Woman taking a break which is needed for time management in affiliate marketing.

I would like to say this is my favorite point but unfortunately, I am terrible at it. And it is so important. I’m now adding this to my daily routines more. Basically, if you don’t have breaks your productivity falls, therefore the quality of the task falls and therefore you start wasting time. Time management becomes wavy in your affiliate marketing business.

Take a break, jump around for a bit, eat something, drink something, do something for a while and then re-focus back into it. The chances are you’ll be already thinking of bigger and better things you were before your break. I personally like to have a walk or play a silly and easy game on my phone called ‘bubbles’, I know perhaps childish but it helps me switch off slightly.

Organize yourself:

There is no point at all trying to do anything unless you’re organized. If you’re setting a campaign up then make sure you’ve got your keywords ready. Figure out what you are going to need for each of these tasks and get them prepared.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail:

Plan ahead and get everything sorted for it. You wouldn’t turn up to a day of hiking without your backpack of necessities, so don’t turn up to your business without the resources you need. Or you’ll be spending more time trying to find those things than actually getting on with the job in hand.

Remove distractions:

OK, I love this point. We are constantly distracted in life. I used it as point 9 in my blog 10 powerful secrets to a ‘growth mindset’ in affiliate marketing and I’ll use it again. If you are distracted by anything, either deal with it, get rid of it, or move away from it. Phones, social media, TV being on, something on your mind, feeling some way.

And if you really can’t focus because something is on your mind then congratulations, you’ve just found yourself a new priority. Re-look at what is important again, if it’s causing you to lose focus then it’s made its way above what you’re trying to do. Therefore look at that thing, don’t just try to shove it away.

Mental distractions are just the same as physical ones. They need to be looked at and taken care of. Your mental state is the most important thing to anyone and you need to look after it.

Make a to-do list:

Haha, enough said about that the better. I think I have spoken plenty about the lists. But in case you’re still interested then write them down. If not I have an amazing app on my phone called Any.do and you can type them on there. They also do reminders through the day and you can tick them off (the best part).

Pick your moment:

So, pick your moment is basically if you know you work better in the morning then don’t sleep in. If you know you work better in the evening then don’t tire yourself out. Think about when you’re most proactive and engaged in your business. Look at working around those hours instead and see how productive you are.

Don’t try to multitask:

Because you won’t do very well. Multi-tasking is both stressful and unnecessary. If you are doing all of the above or even some of them then I promise you there will be no need to multitask again. It’s better to get one thing done correctly than two or three things done half-heartedly. Again you’ll only find yourself then having to revisit all of them again to make sure they are spot on.

Conclusion – why time management is important in an affiliate marketing business

A business should be taken seriously and therefore you should make sure everything you do on it is to the best of your ability. I’m not saying reach for perfection but be happy with what you do with it. Treat it like a baby. It needs nurturing and it needs the correct care and attention.

This business is going to bring back whatever you put in, If you don’t prioritize what’s important in your business and you continue to procrastinate on subjects you’re not sure about then you’re letting it down. You need to be fully involved and use your time as wisely as possible to get the outcomes you desire.

If you want to learn Facebook marketing then learn it. Stick with it and become a pro at it. Don’t get confused and then leap into something else. You’ve spent time on Facebook so see it through. What you think about expands and what you learn you become better at.

So start putting some of these time management tips into affiliate marketing and your everyday life, and I hope you see the rewards and benefits from them. I know personally, I have and so I have full faith you will too.

Again if you have any questions please feel free to contact us, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

Hazel and Zoe True Freedom Seekers

We hope you find our walks and adventures in the Lake District helpful. And we wish you much fun and success on bagging the Wainwrights yourself. If you want to share any stories with us all then please feel free too. Have a super day!
Hazel and Zoe
Co-Founders of True Freedom Seekers.

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