The entire list of 214 Wainwrights in alphabetical order (A-Z)

Our alphabetical list of the 214 Wainwrights

So below you will find the entire list of all 214 Wainwrights in alphabetical order. We've tried to make it as easy as possible for you to get all the information that you need on the Lake District and each of the Fells too.

When we first started looking into the Wainwrights we searched so many different sites to try and find what we needed. So we've come up with our own site to try and make the whole experience better for you.

I hope you find it easy to get your way around and if not then simply drop us a message through our contact page here. We'll take any advice or queries on board to try and make the whole experience better for you.

There are 214 Wainwrights because Alfred Wainwright only catalogued the ones that he enjoyed walking the most. 

The reason we have a listed the Wainwrights in alphabetical order is so that you can easily locate the Fell that you wish to climb. And then from here get more information from clicking on the link for each one. 

We do have a map of all the Wainwrights. You simply need to click on the Wainwright you wish to learn more about from the list in alphabetical order and there will be a map for each on here. 

If you'd like a checklist of all the Wainwrights in alphabetical, height, and located order, then subscribe to us and we'll send you the free PDF's to print or update as you bag each one. 

Below is the view walking towards Catbells from Portinscale. It's one of the most iconic fells in the Lake District and is one of the 214 Wainwrights listed below in alphabetical order in our table.


Alfred Wainwright himself quoted about Catbells that "Its popularity is well deserved."

Looking up towards Catbells, one of the 214 Wainwrights in alphabetical order on our list

How to use the list of 214 Wainwrights in alphabetical order

If you click on each of the Wainwright fells which are listed in alphabetical order it will direct you to a new page. This will give you further information on the fell itself, along with walks that we have completed.

We want to give you the best information that we possibly can from our own experiences. We've been lucky enough to spend a lot of time in the Lake District following our passion in life, and want to give you the opportunity to do the same.

One of the great things about having a list of the Wainwrights in alphabetical order is that if you're ever unsure on the height, or location of the Fell. Then this alphabetical list will help you to find out all the information that you need on that Wainwright. And direct you to find out more at the same time. 

So let's jump in and take a look below to find out more.

Allen Crags Southern Fells 785m
Angletarn Pikes Far Eastern Fells 567m
Ard Crags North Western Fells 581m
Armboth Fell Central Fells 479m
Arnison Crag Eastern Fells 433m
Arthur's Pike Eastern Fells 533m
Bakestall Northern Fells 673m
Bannerdale Crags Northern Fells 683m
Barf North Western Fells 468m
Barrow North Western Fells 455m
Base Brown Western Fells 646m
Beda Fell Far Eastern Fells 509m
Binsey Northern Fells 447m
Birkhouse Moor Eastern Fells 718m
Birks Eastern Fells 622m
Black Fell Southern Fells 323m
Blake Fell Western Fells 573m
Blea Rigg Central Fells 541m
Bleaberry Fell Central Fells 590m
Blencathra Northern Fells 868m
Bonscale Pike Far Eastern Fells 524m
Bowfell Southern Fells 902m
Bowscale Fell Northern Fells 702m
Brae Fells Northern Fells 586m
Brandreth Western Fells 715m
Branstree Far Eastern Fells 713m
Brim Fell Southern Fells 796m
Brock Crags Far Eastern Fells 562m
Broom Fell North Western Fells 511m
Buckbarrow Western Fells 423m
Burnbank Fell Western Fells 475m
Calf Crag Central Fells 537m
Carl Side Northern Fells 746m
Carrock Fell Northern Fells 663m
Castle Crag North Western Fells 290m
Catbells North Western Fells 451m
Catstye Cam Eastern Fells 890m
Caudale Moor Far Eastern Fells 763m
Causey Pike North Western Fells 637m
Caw Fell Western Fells 697m
Clough Head Eastern Fells 726m
Cold Pike Southern Fells 701m
Coniston Old Man Southern Fells 803m
Crag Fell Western Fells 523m
Crinkle Crags Southern Fells 859m
Dale Head North Western Fells 753m
Dodd Northern Fells 502m
Dollywaggon Pike Eastern Fells 858m
Dove Crag Eastern Fells 792m
Dow Crag Southern Fells 778m
Eagle Crag Central Fells 521m
Eel Crag North Western Fells 839m
Esk Pike Southern Fells 885m
Fairfield Eastern Fells 873m
Fellbarrow Western Fells 416m
Fleetwith Pike Western Fells 648m
Froswick Far Eastern Fells 720m
Gavel Fell Western Fells 526m
Gibson Knott Central Fells 422m
Glaramara Southern Fells 783m
Glenridding Dodd Eastern Fells 442m
Gowbarrow Fell Eastern Fells 481m
Grange Fell Central Fells 415m
Grasmoor North Western Fells 852m
Gray Crag Far Eastern Fells 699m
Graystones North Western Fells 456m
Great Borne Western Fells 616m
Great Calva Northern Fells 690m
Great Carrs Southern Fells 785m
Great Cockup Northern Fells 526m
Great Crag Central Fells 440m
Great Dodd Eastern Fells 857m
Great End Southern Fells 910m
Great Gable Western Fells 899m
Great Mell Fell Eastern Fells 537m
Great Rigg Eastern Fells 766m
Great Sca Fell Northern Fells 651m
Green Crag Southern Fells 489m
Green Gable Western Fells 801m
Grey Crag Far Eastern Fells 638m
Grey Friar Southern Fells 773m
Grey Knotts Western Fells 697m
Grike Western Fells 488m
Grisedale Pike North Western Fells 791m
Hallin Fell Far Eastern Fells 388m
Hard Knott Southern Fells 549m
Harrison Stickle Central Fells 736m
Hart Crag Eastern Fells 822m
Hart Side Eastern Fells 756m
Harter Fell (Mardale) Far Eastern Fells 778m
Harter Fell (Eskdale) Southern Fells 649m
Hartsop Above How Eastern Fells 586m
Hartsop Dodd Far Eastern Fells 618m
Haycock Western Fells 797m
Haystacks Western Fells 597m
Helm Crag Central Fells 405m
Helvellyn Eastern Fells 950m
Hen Comb Western Fells 509m
Heron Pike Eastern Fells 612m
High Crag Western Fells 744m
High Hartsop Dodd Eastern Fells 519m
High Pike (Scandale) Eastern Fells 656m
High Pike (Caldbeck) Northern Fells 658m
High Raise (Langdale) Central Fells 762m
High Raise (High Street) Far Eastern Fells 802m
High Rigg Central Fells 357m
High Seat Central Fells 608m
High Spy North Western Fells 653m
High Stile Western Fells 807m
High Street Far Eastern Fells 828m
High Tove Central Fells 515m
Hindscarth North Western Fells 727m
Holme Fell Southern Fells 317m
Hopegill Head North Western Fells 770m
Ill Bell Far Eastern Fells 757m
Illgill Head Southern Fells 609m
Kentmere Pike Far Eastern Fells 730m
Kidsty Pike Far Eastern Fells 780m
Kirk Fell Western Fells 802m
Knott Northern Fells 710m
Knott Rigg North Western Fells 556m
Lank Rigg Western Fells 541m
Latrigg Northern Fells 368m
Ling Fell North Western Fells 373m
Lingmell Southern Fells 807m
Lingmoor Fell Southern Fells 469m
Little Hart Crag Eastern Fells 637m
Little Mell Fell Eastern Fells 505m
Loadpot Hill Far Eastern Fells 671m
Loft Crag Central Fells 682m
Long Side Northern Fells 734m
Longlands Fell Northern Fells 483m
Longscale Fell Northern Fells 715m
Lord's Seat North Western Fells 552m
Loughrigg Fell Central Fells 335m
Low Fell Western Fells 423m
Low Pike Eastern Fells 508m
Maiden Moor North Western Fells 576m
Mardale Ill Bell Far Eastern Fells 760m
Meal Fell Northern Fells 550m
Mellbreak Western Fells 512m
Middle Dodd Eastern Fells 654m
Middle Fell Western Fells 582m
Mungrisdale Common Northern Fells 633m
Nab Scar Eastern Fells 455m
Nethermost Pike Eastern Fells 891m
Outerside North Western Fells 596m
Pavey Ark Central Fells 700m
Pike O'Blisco Southern Fells 705m
Pike O'Stickle Central Fells 709m
Pillar Western Fells 892m
Place Fell Far Eastern Fells 657m
Raise Eastern Fells 802m
Rampsgill Head Far Eastern Fells 792m
Rannerdale Knotts North Western Fells 355m
Raven Crag Central Fells 461m
Red Pike (Buttermere) Western Fells 755m
Red Pike (Wasdale) Western Fells 826m
Red Screes Eastern Fells 776m
Rest Dodd Far Eastern Fells 696m
Robinson North Western Fells 737m
Rosset Pike Southern Fells 651m
Rosthwaithe Pike Southern Fells 612m
Sail North Western Fells 773m
Sale Fell North Western Fells 359m
Sallows Far Eastern Fells 516m
Scafell Southern Fells 964m
Scafell Pike Southern Fells 978m
Scar Crags North Western Fells 672m
Scoat Fell Western Fells 841m
Seat Sandal Eastern Fells 736m
Seatallan Western Fells 692m
Seathwaite Fell Southern Fells 632m
Selside Pike Far Eastern Fells 655m
Sergeant Man Central Fells 736m
Sergeant's Crag Central Fells 571m
Sheffield Pike Eastern Fells 675m
Shipman Knotts Far Eastern Fells 587m
Silver How Central Fells 395m
Skiddaw Northern Fells 931m
Skiddaw Little Man Northern Fells 865m
Slight Side Southern Fells 762m
Sour Howes Far Eastern Fells 483m
Souther Fell Northern Fells 522m
St Sunday Crag Eastern Fells 841m
Starling Dodd Western Fells 633m
Steel Fell Central Fells 553m
Steel Knotts Far Eastern Fells 432m
Steeple Western Fells 819m
Stone Arthur Eastern Fells 503m
Stybarrow Dodd Eastern Fells 843m
Swirl How Southern Fells 802m
Tarn Crag (Easedale) Central Fells 551m
Tarn Crag ( Longsleddale) Far Eastern Fells 664m
The Knott Far Eastern Fells 739m
The Nab Far Eastern Fells 576m
Thornthwaite Crag Far Eastern Fells 784m
Thunacar Knott Central Fells 723m
Troutbeck Tongue Far Eastern Fells 364m
Ullock Pike Northern Fells 691m
Ullscarf Central Fells 726m
Walla Crag Central Fells 379m
Wandope North Western Fells 772m
Wansfell Far Eastern Fells 488m
Watson's Dodd Eastern Fells 789m
Wether Hill Far Eastern Fells 670m
Wetherlam Southern Fells 763m
Whin Rigg Southern Fells 535m
Whinlatter North Western Fells 525m
White Side Eastern Fells 863m
Whiteless Pike North Western Fells 660m
Whiteside North Western Fells 707m
Yewbarrow Western Fells 627m
Yoke Far Eastern Fells 706m

There's a lot of Wainwrights to bag when you see them listed out in alphabetical order

So as you have seen, above is the entire list of all 214 Wainwrights in alphabetical order. Now when you scroll through them it really puts into perspective just how many there are.

And each of the fells has it's own unique formation which makes for a completely different hiking experience for each one. And to be fair when we first came across the list of Wainwrights, we got so excited at the aspect of checking them all off and to achieve a huge personal goal then at the same time.

On our walk to what we can see is Helm Crag, the final Wainwright of the day, with Grasmere below

Helm Crag walk including Steel Fell, Calf Crag, and Gibson Knott from Grasmere

By Hazel and Zoe | January 11, 2021

So today would be the walk up Helm Crag. The starting point would be the gorgeous village of Grasmere and from there we’ll head up into the Fells. First being that of Steel Fell, then onto Calf Crag, moving towards Gibson Knott, finishing with the fascinating Lion and Lamb. Also known as Helm Crag. This …

Helm Crag walk including Steel Fell, Calf Crag, and Gibson Knott from Grasmere Read More »

Walla Crag in the Lake District, one of 214 Wainwrights

Walla Crag walk and Bleaberry Fell from Ashness Bridge

By Hazel and Zoe | January 4, 2021

Walla Crag is a fantastic walk with some amazing views overlooking Derwent Water as well as the stunning Catbells, Skiddaw and the beautiful town of Keswick. Walla Crag standing at 379m isn’t one of the highest Wainwright’s but it is another one to tick off. This walk up to Walla Crag and Bleaberry Fell takes …

Walla Crag walk and Bleaberry Fell from Ashness Bridge Read More »

Latrigg summit in the Lake District in Cumbria

Latrigg walk from Keswick

By Hazel and Zoe | December 29, 2020

So Latrigg is another epic little Wainwright to walk in the Lake District. Perhaps one of the most popular with it being so close to the nearby town of Keswick. And for its close proximity to the grand Skiddaw too. Our walk up to Latrigg was misty and damp but our moods didn’t wander. An …

Latrigg walk from Keswick Read More »

Innominate Tarn on the top of Haystacks, one of thee 214 Wainwrights in the Lake District

Haystacks walk and Fleethwith Pike from Gatesgarth

By Hazel and Zoe | December 18, 2020

This stunning walk to the Wainwright of Haystacks would be one to remember. Not only does it include Fleetwith Pike which for me holds some of the best views in the Lake District. But it is also the place where Alfred Wainwright’s ashes were scattered at Innominate Tarn. The inspiration and man who made climbing …

Haystacks walk and Fleethwith Pike from Gatesgarth Read More »

Loweswater Feature image

Loweswater circular walk including Holme Force

By Hazel and Zoe | December 13, 2020

Loweswater for us is a place of pure beauty. Firstly it has amazing routes around, both low and high level walks. Secondly, for the surrounding Wainwrights that are easily accessible from Loweswater. And thirdly, for its pure beauty. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the bigger lakes in the Lake District, …

Loweswater circular walk including Holme Force Read More »

Feature image for Castle Crag walk from Grange

Castle Crag walk from Grange including Millican Dalton’s Cave

By Hazel and Zoe | December 11, 2020

On an extremely mild day, we started our walk up Castle Crag from Grange. At just under 300m/1000ft it is the smallest Wainwright to be included on the list, but don’t let that make you think it’s not to be taken seriously. Because Castle Crag Fell has some of the most interesting features of them …

Castle Crag walk from Grange including Millican Dalton’s Cave Read More »

We all have our favourite Wainwrights out of the 214 listed

Yes, you'll have your few favourites just as Alfred Wainwright did (Haystacks) and just as we do too. But until you've hiked them all, you'll have to hold judgment on that one.

Feel free to download our free PDF with a tick list to help you keep check of the Wainwrights you have conquered. And check out our blogs on each of the fells as well.

You might just get a new idea for your next walk whether you live in the Lake District or are visiting the National Park as a holiday getaway. Whichever it is, we hope you enjoy some of the adventures that we've had.

And we'd love to hear from you about some of those that you have had to. It might give us the opportunity to take to hike ourselves and to explore the Lake District even more.

The lion and the lamb on Helm Crag near Grasmere in the Lake District, one of the 214 Wainerights in alphabetical order
The lion and the lamb on Helm Crag near Grasmere in the Lake District

Checklist poster to bag all 214 Wainwrights, also listed in alphabetical order

Take a look at the poster which we purchased a few years ago. It's a great size and we even coloured in each of the Wainwrights as we hiked to the tops of each, (We're a little OCD like that).

It's great for seeing which area you've been to the most and makes it easy to plan your next adventures in the Lake District of where to head next. And as with the list above, the Wainwrights here are written in alphabetical order so it's easy to keep track of where you are. 

Cairn at the top of Scafell Pike in the Lake District, the highest of the 214 Wainwrights, also listed in alphabetical order

Find out all you need to know

 on hiking to the top of Scafell Pike and

reaching the top of England

Check out our Scafell Pike guide

View the Wainwrights in height or region order

We're currently working on our website to get it up and running the best that we can do. And we will be listing all of the 214 Wainwrights in height and region order, as well as in alphabetical order as soon as we can.

If you'd like to view them now to get checking them off and having fun while hiking, then fill in your details below. Then we'll send you the free PDF of all the Wainwrights for you to print off and get started with right now.

We'll also send you our latest blogs and other information to keep you inspired along with your bagging.

True Freedom Seekers
Thank you for taking the time to read our page. We hope you have enjoyed the information which we have for you. Please feel free to reach out to us about anything regarding the Lake District. Or leave a comment below. Happy Wainwright bagging.

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