What are affiliate marketers?

What are affiliate marketers?

So everyone is wondering about what exactly are affiliate marketers. Well, here I am going to tell you all about them and best of all how you can indeed become one of them. And I’ll talk about some of the ways in which they make an income too through their online business. It really is very exciting and interesting all in one. So shall we crack on?

What are affiliate marketers?

Affiliate marketers can also be known as publishers (bloggers) or partners (if they’re in an affiliate program because they have an agreement or partnership in their business).


So publishers are basically someone who writes content to market. Bloggers or vloggers (video bloggers) can then add affiliate links into their writing which will be available for their audience to click onto and therefore have a chance to receive a commission.

They can do this very easily through any content, which include, writing, videos, reviews, pictures, and more.


An affiliate marketer partner is someone who has basically joined alliances with another affiliate program, an individual, or business to jointly promote each others’ products. So they’re both helping each other out.

They can also be known as online business entrepreneurs or marketers. It is very easy to get confused between them all and they all have their own little roles that they play too. Essentially the main thing they all have in common is that they are marketing to the world about a product or service. These products must in some way, shape, or form help the client out.

It must help with a clients need. After all, that’s the only reason we all buy anything. It helps us mentally, emotionally, or physically to make us happier. This can be done through items/products, training courses, reading material, literally anything.

What are affiliate marketers’ means of income?

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Their means of income are basically receiving a commission for either promoting a product or service, or they could be getting a commission for getting people to sign up for things or even get a commission for each click they send through to a promoting website. There really are more ways to earn an affiliate income then you may think.

If they are doing it through subscriptions or sign-ins (people sign up for their product they are promoting and pay for it monthly) and getting paid for their commission on a weekly/monthly basis then this is what we call passive income. Something that doesn’t require any other work but it’s a regular and constant form of income for affiliates.

A lot of affiliate marketers start by making a part-time income for themselves and then in some cases, affiliate marketers can make a full-time income and more out of their online business. It is a scalable business that as long as you keep putting in then you can keep getting out.

What are affiliate marketers promoting?

They can be promoting as I said before anything from products to services and beyond. Most affiliate marketers target one of three ventures.

Low ticket

So they target promoting products that range from $1 to $500. These can be easier to promote to get commissions and therefore you get more commissions because of it. For example, promote 10 products worth $200 = $2000. You then could take for example again a 25% commission from them so you take away for yourself $500

High ticket

$500+ products. These are harder to promote but they can be more rewarding when you do get the commissions, therefore you don’t have to do as many. For example, you could promote 1 item for $2000 with again a 25% commission rate and still take home $500 for yourself. But if you can sell one then you can sell more, right?


Another way affiliate marketers gain income is by subscriptions. So this is what I was talking about earlier. This is basically where you promote a service and that person signs up for the service. Therefore you get a commission from that.

However, because it’s a subscription you actually can continue to get a commission from that same person every month they continue to keep their subscription. See this is how passive income really takes off.

All you need is to keep growing that subscription list and you’re well away, without doing any more work afterward. Win, win situation as long as they stay signed up.

What is the affiliate marketer’s income?

What are affiliate marketers’ incomes you ask? Well quite simply it can range from relatively small, and it can be scaled as much as you like. It’s like an open roof, you can literally keep going and earning.

Once you’ve figured out how to market one thing, you can then go on to market something else. Then something else. Or you could keep marketing the same thing but find an easier and better way to do it. There are so many possibilities to grow an affiliate business.

Who can be an affiliate marketer?

Anyone is the true answer. Even if you don’t know how to even ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ on a word document. As long as you get the correct training from wherever is best for you then you can quite simply do it.

There are so many resources out there for you to use, find, and take advantage of. There are always people that want to help you, that’s what we do. And there’s plenty of groups you can join on social media platforms with like-minded people in too.

You literally never have to feel as though you’re on your own through anything with marketing. We reached out to a group that helped us through our entire journey and will do the same for you if you so wish. And we’ve also found incredible help from just talking to other people.

I would however strongly advise you to get a mentor to help you out if you’re serious about starting an online business in affiliate marketing. See our reasons why in our other blog – ‘Secure an expert affiliate marketing mentor for ultimate success’ but mostly because you’ll have someone to reach out to when you need help.

What do you need to become an affiliate marketer?

Honestly, a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection and you are good to go. Seriously that is all you are going to need to get set up.

How to become an affiliate marketer:

Success is achievable

That in itself is pretty straight forward too. You only need to get the foundations right and you can take off. Have a look at our other blogs which will give you some further information about how to get started:

But the main thing here is picking a program (someone to promote) which should really fit in with a niche you are passionate about. Something you can really feel strongly about that you can talk about it. Review it with a genuine mind.

Then once you’ve got that then all you need to do is promote that item. This can be done on social media or by creating a website, or even by blogging like how we do. I hope you’re seeing how easy it is to get yourself out there.

If you are really interested in what affiliate marketers are and would fancy becoming one yourself then why not check out our free 4 part video series where we’ll talk you through affiliate marketing a little bit clearer. It’s free to subscribe to and if you don’t like what you see then you can easily unsubscribe too.

It’s what we did and we’ve never looked back. So yeh, give it a look, click here to find out more.

Conclusion – what are affiliate marketers?

So there you have a straight forward guide to what affiliate marketers are. They simply promote someone else’s business to receive commissions for helping them make sales/ sign ups or clicks. There are so many ways to do it and I hope you realize too that anyone can do it.

Again that includes you. Have faith in yourself and if you fancy the idea of starting your own online business then take a deeper look into it. Subscribe below to get some more information on how you can do with. Thanks for reading once more and I hope this has helped you in some way too.

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