What are the greatest fears of an affiliate marketer?

Fear in affiliate marketing

So you’re probably wondering what are the greatest fears of an affiliate marketer. And if this is the case then you’re about to find out. But let’s take a deeper look into them and see about some fears that might surprise you. Find out how to overcome them and believe in yourself to become the affiliate marketer you know you can be.


Can I just put it out there my thoughts on fear? I have listened to Tony Robbins and would advise anyone to listen to him. He’s a great motivational speaker and he talks about fear as well. He simply says that ‘fear‘ as we know it, actually stands for False Evidence that Appears Real. It’s all part of how we perceive things to be. We fear something without even knowing that’ll happen. The same way we look forward to other things, still without knowing what will happen. It’s a state of mind that we need to overcome.

Simply, fear is something that isn’t even real. It’s something we make up in our heads as an emotion. When you really think about it, it can be laughed at. The things we spend so much time fearing sometimes end up being great adventures. So why fear it?

Others actually get enjoyment out of fear as they seek it. How many know someone that loves going to the cinema to watch the latest scary movie? Those people actually seek fear. They have no idea what is coming next and yet they thoroughly enjoying finding out. That is inevitably all that we do when we fear something. We just don’t know what is going to happen next.

Fear of the unknown

So these sorts of fears are very common ones in the early days of affiliate marketing. Whether you’ve just looked into it or you’ve just started out. I remember when we first started it was like a mine-field of information and the more we looked into it the more it just kept getting deeper. Like a black hole of details that just kept gaining.

Affiliate marketing is a huge business that shouldn’t be taken lightly as a decision. Hence why we like to give valuable opinions to help you out. You’ll be asking so many questions which are totally normal and you’ll be wanting answers straight up.

It’s like starting anything new. You won’t know everything about it until you jump into it. Of course, it’s scary to take a leap of faith, but if you’re doing it for the right reason then you’ll find a way. Most of the time you’ll realize that the fear itself is actually greater than what it is you’re fearing.

Something I like to think about when fear strikes me with the unknown is that if I don’t do it, the fear of not doing it can over-ride the fear of actually doing it. Take for instance starting an affiliate business. Wow, we didn’t know what we were doing and that really did scare us but the thought of not doing anything to change our lives outweighed the fear of trying, easily. So that’s what we did.

Overcoming the fear of the unknown:

The main thing you need to do is trust yourself. This is the one thing that will keep you going through most things, even in life. If you trust what you are doing then you’ll believe in it too. You also have to accept that things do change. Sometimes you have to take that leap of faith and accept that even though its the unknown you have to drive into it. This requires courage and determination and so you should be proud of yourself for doing it. If you don’t do it, you’ll simply never know what could have been.

The fears of change as an affiliate marketer

So you’re ready to try affiliate marketing but the fear of change is holding you back. Absolutely normal, you’re only human after all. Let’s be honest there will be some change that is going to happen too.

Firstly you’re going to have to run a business. That’s right. It’s a big scary word but it really doesn’t need to be. We’re only saying it because we believe if you’re going to do marketing correctly then you need to take it seriously and treat it like a business. After all, you’re investing time and potentially money into this.

So your time management will have to change. Yes, you’ll have to put some hours into the business. It won’t take off all by itself. This completely depends on how much time you are willing to invest in it. Some people spend a couple of hours a week on it and others spend a lot more. Something to definitely think about. However, if you get a rota or time plan worked out there is no reason why you need to fear it.

One of the greatest changes that will happen is that you’ll learn so much about yourself and online marketing. We are huge believers that we should always look to educate and better ourselves, so this change can only be positive. You’ll learn so much and you’ll be excited through the journey too. It is a huge opportunity to better yourself and others around you.

Overcoming the fear of change:

So change may be happening but overcome that fear and who knows what is on the other side. Something I believe is worth trying for. After all, that’s why you’re here right now, right? So step out of your comfort zone and be patient with the decisions you make and takes things slowly. Celebrate every success as they are well earned and embrace the changes. Life changes and you have to change with it.

Learn to make small changes in your life and grow them each day. After all starting a new business is scary but it doesn’t mean you are going to change who you are.

Fear of being alone

Now, this is a pretty big one here. And something that has crossed our minds more than once. So you want to start a new affiliate business or have started, but you’re spending time on it. Of course, you are, you want it to be a success, right? But you find yourself spending more time on your own? These fears are all standard to a new affiliate marketer and anyone else going into the unknown.

Maybe you’re lacking time with friends and family because you’re putting so much effort into getting the marketing correct. You’re becoming obsessed with how things work and you’re committed to putting time in but then it hits you that your social life is lacking.

This is all perfectly normal. We were exactly the same. On our journey, we honestly have struggled to get the fine balance right. We learned that you have to look after yourself and your social life too. And yes this sometimes meant saying no to the business for a couple of hours, but it reaps its rewards down the line because you’ll be in a better mindset to then continue once more.

Not only that but you may also feel alone in your journey too. You perhaps aren’t going to tell anyone you’re giving it ago because you want it to be a surprise for them when you tell them it’s a success. But who do you talk to?

This is why it’s so important to be involved in a community or group that you can talk to about these ideas and your progress too. Personally, we would advise getting a legit mentor or the chances are that you’ll be spending more time researching than actually learning. See our other blog on ‘Secure an expert affiliate marketing mentor for ultimate success.’

Overcoming the fear of being alone:

There is absolutely no reason why you should feel alone. Firstly, reach out to us, seriously, we’ll help out as much as we can, even for a chat. Secondly, there are so many groups you can join to get ideas off and talk to. Type affiliate marketing groups into a social media platform and you’ll be inundated with groups you can join. Thirdly, if you join a training program the chances are they will have a huge community where you can talk openly about your experiences. We did, check out our program if you want to find out more.

Reach out to people

Social Media Groups, Us and Training Programs
There’s always people out there willing to help

And never feel alone when it comes to friends and family. Work out the time you’re going to spend on the business, and then schedule your loved ones around it or vice versa. Another important tip is to get out of the grey zone. We’ve mentioned this before but make sure the time you’re spending doing whatever, for example working on the business or with friends, is actually quality time. Therefore you’re actually committing to that task in hand. Put the phone away. Stop all distractions.

Fear of family and friends

There are so many affiliate marketers out there that never get their feet off the ground because their friends and family tell them they can not do it. This is in our eyes absolutely crazy. I’m going to put it out there, you can achieve anything you set out to do as long as you believe in it and will put the effort into it.

And they are probably telling you you can’t do it because they’re being protective of you. Because you mean so much to them they don’t want to see you upset or down if you don’t succeed. That’s perfectly human of any true loved ones. Don’t be disheartened that they fell that way. It’s only because they love you and want to protect you. So facing fears like this as an affiliate marketer is a key to overcoming them.

Overcoming the fear of family and friends:

However, you have to stop thinking of negative thoughts. Negative thoughts will bring you down and you’ll start believing in them. Believe in yourself and your destiny. Everyone’s way of thinking is completely different. Some people believe they should work their whole lives, but that’s not what we think.

‘Every negative thought is a down payment on your failure. Every positive thought is an investment into your future’

If anything do like what we do. Go out to prove you can. The sheer thought that people don’t think I can do something usually gets a fire burning inside me to prove that I can. After all, if I want to do something I have all the resources to learn, however long it may take. Yes, we may not be at school anymore but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn anymore.

The fears of success as an affiliate marketer

So to a lot of people, this point may seem a little crazy also, but it’s a perfectly valid one. The fear of success is a huge thing. What happens when you do start making loads of money and can potentially quit your job? Or even better never have to get a ‘real’ job again, when I say real I mean what people class as ‘real’. A 9-5 job.

I mean it’s a question that we asked ourselves. We already knew why we wanted to go into affiliate marketing for two reasons really. 1. to obviously make money (and whoever says they don’t are lying). And 2. to help people out.

We wanted to make money to be able to travel, see more of the world, experience what life has to offer. We didn’t want to be stuck in the same job for the next 20 years. So when we start making loads of money that’s what we’ll do. But what about you?

It’s something that is seriously worth thinking about. After all, you don’t want to find yourself just blowing money on anything and everything. What are you going to spend the time doing when you have all the time in the world.

Another fear in this is what will people think of you when you succeed. You don’t want people looking at you any differently or looking down their noses at you. You’ve worked hard to get there. You equally don’t want people to think because you’ve gone out to better yourself that it means you aren’t happy with your life. It isn’t that at all. I’m sure you simply want a better way of life for you and your loved ones. And that’s nothing to fear.

Also, some people fear that success could bring them extra work, and then have they really succeeded if they are spending more time on their business? Again no, you spend as much time as you like in your business. In fact, once an affiliate business is set up and if you’re doing campaigns then it’s just a case in re-working them to optimize them.

Overcoming the fear of success:

Look into why you are wanting to become an affiliate marketer and keep arriving at the fears of success? Why do you want to make money? For what reasons? How will you spend that money and time? For us again we learned through our training program about thinking up the perfect day. I won’t go into massive detail about it because I could write all day, but it basically gets you thinking about how you would spend that ‘perfect average day’.

Once you’ve nailed that then you can figure out why it should no longer be a fear but something to really get excited about. You want that ‘day’. Then go out and get it. It’ll drive you through the tough days too. What would you do each morning, afternoon, and evening? Is there anything you can do right now to get some of that perfectness into your everyday life?

Fear of where to start

Hey, if you don’t know where to start then it’s a huge struggle. You can research every day, spend hours looking into affiliate marketing but still have the fear of where to start. You might already have an idea of what you want to market, or you might just want to blog about certain things, like us.

Over coming the fear of where to start:

So the only advice we can give on this is that you need a training course. I’m sure there are people out there that have done it themselves, and I believe you can do but for us, it was the easiest way. However, if you already know how to set up your own website and how to market then there is no doubt you could do it yourself.

We took part in a training program that quite simply talked us through the entire process step by step. With it, we created our own website and indeed starting blogging within days of launching it. They have different modules to work through methodically to gain the best knowledge the experts can give. And to start off you can receive 4 free videos that talk you through affiliate marketing before you even get started. I can’t recommend them highly enough but of course, do your own research to find who is right for you.

The fears of failure as an affiliate marketer

Well, this must be without doubt the greatest fears of an affiliate marketer. So what happens if you fail? Personally, we don’t believe anyone fails. Even if you don’t make money or get to where you want to be and give up, inevitably you have gained some experience. That is not a failure in our eyes.

I know it can be a daunting thing to put time and effort into something without it being a guarantee (which nothing is a guarantee). It’s scary and you don’t want to waste that time when you could be learning something else or succeeding at something else. But you’ll never know until you try.

You don’t want to been seen as a let down either. Maybe this is something that really requires you to succeed. You have a lot riding on it and people are relying on you to bring in some extra cash. Maybe failure isn’t an option and so that terrifies you even more.

Overcoming the fear of failure:

Fear of failure for an affiliate marketer

You have to believe in yourself. Overcoming obstacles in the way are part of the learning process. Just because you may fail at one aspect of something doesn’t mean you have to give up. It simply means you have to overcome that obstacle. It’s to do with mindset a lot too. Have the correct mindset to be able to push through the roadblocks and come out speeding on the other side. If you don’t know something, learn it. See every failure as another reason to succeed.

See the situation that you are afraid to fail at. Really look at it, feel that fear, and now imagine yourself overcoming it. With the correct guidance and support, you can overcome most things in life.

To conclude

So have a look at your fears of an affiliate marketer and see where you can overcome them. If you have the same fears that is? We have been through most of these, to be honest, and we’re still going strong. We have each other, which I’m not going to lie is an awesome thing to have. But like I say you can reach out to us or any affiliating marketing groups and there are like-minded people on there.

The very last point I will make is don’t let fear hold you back from anything. This is your life and if you want to do something then it’s in your power to. If you want to conquer marketing then go and do it. If you want to jump out of a plane, do it. There are so many resources and help out there that you can learn to do practically anything you so wish.

Remember fear is an emotion, which we can control. Look at it as a challenge instead of a fear and break the normality and enter the new and exciting world. We look forward to hearing about your successes! Thank you for reading and we hope you got something out of it.

Hazel and Zoe True Freedom Seekers

We hope you find our walks and adventures in the Lake District helpful. And we wish you much fun and success on bagging the Wainwrights yourself. If you want to share any stories with us all then please feel free too. Have a super day!
Hazel and Zoe
Co-Founders of True Freedom Seekers.

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