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North Western Lakes

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Explorer map OL4

Whinlatter Fell is 525m high or 1722ft tall. 

This Wainwright is located in the north western Fells of the Lake District.

You can head up to Whinlatter Fell from Whinlatter forest park. From here you head through part of the forest before heading onto the open fellside on your way to Whinlatter. This route takes around an hour to complete. 

You will need Explorer map OL4.

Wainwrights near to Whinlatter include Lord's Seat, Barf, and Broom Fell.

At the top of Whinlatter Fell is a summit cairn. Along with the views of the surrounding area, and a buzz of which Wainwright to check out next. 

Facts About Whinlatter Fell

Here are some of the interesting facts that I could gather about the impressive Whinlatter Fell. It is a small fell located towards the north-west zone of the Lake District – Northward to the Whinlatter Pass.

- This Wainwright is best known for its walking trails and the Whinlatter Pass.

- Whinlatter Fell and its surrounding forest is a giant playground for walking, cycling, and climbing.

- The fell is famous for the Whinlatter Visitor’s Center. This is located on the south end of the hill.

How High is the Whinlatter Fell?

Whinlatter Fell has a height estimated to be 525 m or 1722 ft. The parent peak of this fell is Lord’s Seat which can be hiked to in a round route around Whinlatter itself.

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Where is this Wainwright Located?

Whinlatter is a small fell that is located in the North West of the Lake District national park. Its closest water is Bassenthwaite Lake which is just north of the Wainwright. And the small town of Keswick is a short drive away too.

So, how hard is Whinlatter to climb, and which routes you can take?

The entire Whinlatter Fell is pretty comfortable to climb. The walk is known to take you through the forest and up to the summit as well as along the open plains on the tops of the fells. The top offers panoramic views of the entire forest and landscape surrounding the mountain.

For the easiest possible route while walking, you can start at the visitor center. From here you take a lovely walk through the woods as you head further up the fell and then away from the tourists too. As it gets quieter and boggier you’ll know you’re on the right route and the paths aren’t always the clearest either.

We have got lost once or twice on the way up to Whinlatter Fell but when you’re up on the open fells it’s much easier to locate. It’s just getting up there first.

Alternatively, you can start your route from Thornthwaite and head up to Barf first. Then onto Lords Seat and cross the fell tops. When you’re on the Wainwrights you will head southwest towards Whinlatter Fell from this route.

How long does it take to climb the Fell?

It’s not the longest of walks to the top of the Whinlatter Fell and will take around an hour or more depending on which route that you take. However, if you want to add more Wainwrights into the walk and make a round trip (which I’d highly recommend doing). Then you can make either a half-day or a full day out on the fells too.

Are the paths good climbing up Whinlatter Fell?

The paths of Whinlatter Fell as you climb up to offer easier walking on grassy lands above the Whinlatter Forest. Just a small note to say that after periods of rain the fell can get a little muddy and boggy in places. So make sure you’re wearing waterproof footwear if you do. Or you might just end up with wet socks.

As you head out of the forest if you're using this route from the visitor center. Be a little careful and weary because as you leave the forest the path can get a little shady. For us, we ended up heading up a bank just to try and locate the path again. On top of this, there were some fallen trees which made the route a little difficult. But once you’re on Whinlatter Fell top as I’ve said before, then it’s much better walking. Although still quite boggy.

I would definitely advise taking a map and compass with you. It might not be the highest of Wainwrights but it’s not the easiest either.

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What is at the summit?

You can be happy about achieving the summit by the dramatic views overlooking the surrounding fell. There is a summit cairn at the top which marks to the highest point. And from here you can see views in all directions of the other Wainwrights. There does appear to be two tops, although one is certainly lower than the other. And this is why you need your map. To make sure you do arrive at the true summit on getting there.

What are the views from the top of the Whinlatter Fell?

The views from Whinlatter Fell aren’t the best but aren’t the worst by far. To the north, you can see the likes of the Skiddaw range. And to the south Grisedale Pike stands proud with it’s surrounding cluster of fells too. It does give you a good perspective of the area and where you are in the Lake District. And if it’s a Wainwright that you’re looking to bag, then dry weather is certainly best. And a clear day as well, to get the best chance of the views looking out.

View from Whinlatter Fell
Views from Whinlatter Fell

Which OS Map do you need to climb this Wainwright?

The Ordnance Survey Map that you will be required for climbing the beautiful terrains of Whinlatter Fell is the OL4: The English Lakes. Equally, if you’d like to follow the routes which Alfred Wainwright wrote and drew himself. Then check out his North Western (book 6) of the Pictorial Guides to the Lake District.

Where to stay around Whinlatter Fell?

You can come across several hotels and guest houses around Whinlatter Fell. Including The Cottage in the Wood, Maple Bank Country Guest House, and so more. There is also Keswick which is just down the road from Whinlatter Pass which a large variety of accommodation. And from here you can stay centrally to hike other fells in the area too.

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